Pictured above are ears of our Ruby Red, Shaman's Blue and Gourmet White popcorn not yet at full maturity.  The beautiful rich colors are just beginning to show.  Ruby Red and Shaman's Blue popcorn kernels are unique in that they retain more anthocyanin & cyanidin than traditional yellow popcorn, therefore, making a snack that is higher in antioxidants than other varieties of kernels. ​

Our Popcorn

What makes Loveland Acres Popcorn different from commercial popcorn? 

The answer is simple.  Here at Loveland Acres Popcorn, we focus on raising the lesser known, but much more tender and tasty varieties of this healthy, delicious snack.  Our gourmet popcorn kernels are virtually hull-less, pack more flavor into each kernel, and pop up fluffy and crispy.  No chewy popcorn or hulls stuck in your teeth!  Plus, we are a family owned and operated small business.  We love raising a healthy food item that is all natural, has zero trans fat and is high in fiber.

What is hull-less popcorn?

The hull of a popcorn kernel is the outside seed coat.  No popcorn is completely hull free.  However, when virtually hull-less popcorn kernels pop, the hull shatters.  What is left is a tender flake that is easier on teeth and gums and often times easier to digest than commercial popcorn.

How do I pop your kernels?  Do I need a special popcorn popper?

We have had many people ask about popping our kernels.  Don't worry!  No special kitchen gadget is needed!  Our favorite way to pop popcorn is in a large heavy pan with a lid.  Simply add a few teaspoons of oil (anything from vegetable oil to coconut oil) and heat it to medium-high heat.  Try adding just one kernel to the hot oil.  When it pops, you know you are ready to add your kernels.  Many of our customers prefer to use air poppers.  They can also work great for our kernels.  For convenience, many customers also choose to use a microwave popping bowl.  It's quick, easy and requires little clean up!




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